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Are you a healthcare or pharmaceutical marketer? Do you focus on patient education? Are you a consumer health portal or content publisher? Are you interested in creating a Spanish-language version of your patient-facing website? Are you looking for a health content provider to help power your US Hispanic or Latin American outreach? You’ve found your content partner: every month, millions of consumers and patients around the world rely on Vida y Salud for trusted, culturally-relevant, evidence-based consumer health content in Spanish.

Whether your clinical specialty is diabetes, heart health, hypertension, cancer, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, exercise, diet & nutrition, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health or pregnancy and baby health, Vida y Salud has proven Spanish web content that engages, educates and sells.

Through its content licensing and sponsorship programs, Vida y Salud can help your company build a trust-based relationship with millions of information-hungry consumers, while communicating with them in the language they prefer: Spanish.



Spanish-speaking consumers and health on the web are a large and growing market

In 2017, there are 304 million Spanish-speaking internet users

  • Mexico – 69 million (22.7%)
  • Spain – 36 million (11.8%)
  • Argentina – 35 million (11.5%)
  • Colombia – 28 million (9.2%)
  • Venezuela – 18.5 million (6.1%)
  • Peru – 18 million (5.9%)
  • US Hispanic – 15 million (5.2%)
  • Chile – 14 million (4.6%)
  • Ecuador – 13.5 million (4.4%)
  • Guatemala – 5.5 million (1.8%)
  • Rest of Central & South America – 51.5 million (17.1%)

87% of internet users worldwide search for health information

  • This represents 1 in 20 Google searches

But there are barriers to engaging them

Latino consumers have trust issues when it comes to healthcare, insurance and pharma companies

  • They don’t think these companies have their best interests in mind
  • They’re convinced they only care about profits and think they’re just trying to sell them something expensive
  • They’re hesitant to give them any information and think that somehow these companies will use it against them
  • The very same media that these companies use to reach them provides a platform for self-proclaimed experts to tell them that they should avoid doctors and drugs and take something ‘natural’



Vida y Salud means trust

  • Built on a 25+ year relationship between Latino patients and la Doctora Aliza
    • A focus on Latino patient education
    • Recognized dedication to the health of the Hispanic community
  • An environment that is 100% health and medicine
    • Over 4,000 original articles and videos on health
    • Informed by decades of clinical practice
  • A science and evidence-based editorial policy characterized by
    • A warm, personal, easily-understood style
    • A deep understanding of what motivates Latino patients
  • A substantial self-selected audience that is specifically looking for health information

Vida y Salud quick facts

  • In its eight years, vidaysalud.com has become the world’s largest online source of evidence-based health information in Spanish.
  • Vida y Salud has delivered over 230 million page views to more than 110 million unique users – representing 36% of the worldwide Spanish-speaking web audience!
  • Meredith’s Pharmaceutical Trend Report (2014) found that vidaysalud.com easily outpaced all other websites as U.S. Latinas’ top search vehicle for health information — at 45%. Drugstore websites were next at 24%, WebMD third at 22%.

Vida y Salud by the numbers

  • Launched June 2009
  • 2.5 million monthly unique visitors
  • 4 million monthly page views
  • Over 700,000 registered users
  • Over 250,000 daily and 500,000 weekly email newsletter subscribers
  • Over 630,000 social media followers

Key topics or clinical categories

Millions of Spanish-speaking consumers visit Vida y Salud each year looking for information on specific health and medical issues. In 2016, these were the most visited areas:

  • Diabetes – 2.6 million visits
  • Cardiovascular Health – 3.1 million visits
  • Cancer – 1.2 million visits
  • Women’s Health – 7.9 million visits
  • Pregnancy and Infant Health –2.7 million visits
  • Men’s Health – 3.1 million visits
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health – 4.6 million visits
  • Mental Health – 1.1 million visits
  • Exercise, Diet & Nutrition – 3.5 million visits

The heart of Vida y Salud – La Doctora Aliza

  • VidaySalud.com was created by Aliza Lifshitz M.D., Mexican-born physician and media health expert known to the Latino community as “la Doctora Aliza
  • Specializing in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology at Tulane University and the Ochsner Medical Foundation, she did further post-graduate work in endocrinology at UCSD. She currently practices internal medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.
  • She is a Key Opinion Leader, with over 25 years as the US Latino community’s most trusted health resource, informing millions of consumers each month through Vida y Salud, her books, television and radio appearances, and columns in numerous newspapers and magazines. She is the host of the Vida y Salud programming block on the HITN educational television network and of the HealthDay en Español daily online video feed.
  • She served as 4-term president of the California Hispanic American Medical Association, as Vice Chair of Blue Shield of California & as Chair of the Blue Shield of California Foundation.
  • She has been recognized by numerous Hispanic organizations as well as the AMA, American Diabetes Association, March of Dimes and American Heart Association.



Vida y Salud is supported by a select group of committed, blue-chip sponsors that back its public health mission on an annual basis

  • No more than six sponsorships are available in any given year to ensure that each sponsor receives a high level of very targeted exposure and fulfills its business objectives
  • No two sponsorships are alike. They are custom tailored to each sponsors’ objectives and can include exclusivity in the sponsor’s selected clinical area

Sponsorship packages may include

  • Website section and email newsletter messaging; banners and/or sponsored content
  • Custom emails
  • Social media messaging
  • Facebook and Twitter live chats with sponsor’s experts and Dr. Aliza
  • Personal appearances by Dr. Aliza at corporate, HCP and/or consumer events
  • Dr. Aliza participation in sponsor’s PR and/or media campaigns
  • Use of Vida y Salud web content on sponsor’s websites and/or patient education materials
  • And more…

Please use the contact form at right or call or email us to schedule a discussion about your needs and objectives.



Vida y Salud’s 4,000+ Spanish-language articles and videos

  • Are evidence based and informed by over 25 years experience communicating with and treating Latino patients
  • Are not translated from English but are originally written in Spanish. Unlike content from other content providers, Vida y Salud’s articles and videos are developed specifically for Latino consumers and are sensitive to cultural nuances.
  • Make complex medical issues easy to understand.
  • Are engaging and motivating.


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